80's Retro Party- Wangi Disco

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So you want to throw an awesome 80s retro Party on the Central Coast of NSW. Fantastic Idea, DJ Deano and Wangi Disco love the eighties. 80’s Music and 80’s  fluro parties are all the rage across the Central Coast of NSW right now and Wangi Disco have just the right 80’s music to get your party started.

You will want the 80s music pumping and flowing all night long during your 80s party, so load up on the top hits from the 80s along with Wangi Disco. It s best to keep it up beat and rocking all night long, you want your guest to be taken back to days gone by.. While you might have been a big fan of Air Supply, that is not really the kind of rockin music that will get a 80’s retro party going now is it?. That does not mean just playing dance music from the likes of Rick Astley or Madonna. In the 80s, we loved to dance to rock music, so we make sure and play plenty of Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, A-Ha, Prince Def Leppard and Bon Jovi along with Debbie Gibson and Technotronic.

You could also get one of the compilation albums on the night for a great mixture of 80s party music that we will be happy to play.

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